The Fact About art That No One Is Suggesting

art - pictures or other visual representations in a printed publication; "the publisher was responsible for all the artwork within the book"

intelligent; acquiring a great deal of ability (normally in a nasty sense). an artful thief. vindingryk ماكِر، حاذِق، ماهِر хитрост astuto rafinovaný, vynalézavý listig snedig; udspekuleret επιτήδειος, ικανόςastuto; con artimaña osav زبردست؛ حیله گر kekseliäs ruséערמומי चालाक prepreden ügyes cerdik, licin kænn, slægur astuto 巧妙な 기교가 풍부한 gudrus, apsukrus viltīgs; slīpēts licik gewiekstlistig, sluprzebiegły ماهر ، چالاک astuto viclean; abil хитроумный prefíkaný prekanjen vešt fileörslagen, slug มีเล่ห์เหลี่ยม kurnaz, şeytan 狡猾的 спритний; хитрий کاریگری ma mãnh 狡猾的

a movement in 20th-century painting where quite a few planes of an item in the form of cubes or other solids are introduced within an arbitrary arrangement using a narrow assortment of colors or monochrome. — Cubist, n. — Cubistic, adj.

an artwork motion in England in 1914-fifteen stimulated by Futurism and by the idea that all artistic development will have to start out within a point out of sturdy emotion; its merchandise, meant to determine a sort attribute of the economic age, usually use angular, machinelike shapes. — Vorticist, n.

a revolt by selected twentieth-century painters and writers in France, Germany, and Switzerland in opposition to smugness in standard art and Western society; their functions, illustrating absurdity through paintings of purposeless equipment and collages of discarded products, expressed their cynicism about common Strategies of sort and their rejection of conventional concepts of magnificence. — Dadaist, n.

a late 19th-century reaction to Impressionism, emphasizing on one hand the psychological facet of painting and on one other a return to official construction; the very first triggered Expressionism; the 2nd, to Cubism. — Submit-Impressionist, n.

Arts Council N (Brit) institución pública encargada de la promoción de la cultura y de las actividades artworkísticas

c. Products and solutions of this activity; imaginative functions considered as a bunch: artwork on Exhibit during the lobby.

vindingrykheid فَنِّـيَّـه хитрост astúcia obratnost, rafinovanost die Record snedighed; udspekulerethed επιτηδειότηταastucia; artimaña osavus هنرمندی kekseliäisyys astuceערמה कौशल prepredenost ügyesség kecerdikan kænska astuzia 巧妙さ 교묘 gudrumas, apsukrumas viltība kelicikan gewiekstheidlist, sluhet przebiegłość هنرمندی astúcia viclenie хитроумность prefíkanosť, ľstivosť zvijačnost veština fileörslagenhet, record ความมีเล่ห์เหลี่ยม kurnazlık 狡猾 спритність فن کاری sự khéo léo 狡猾

draftsmanship, drawing, drafting - the creation of artistic pictures or diagrams; "he acquired drawing from his father"

decoupage - the artwork of decorating a floor with shapes or shots after which coating it with vanish or lacquer

a Marxist-inspired creative and literary theory or doctrine that phone calls on artwork and literature to advertise the socialist trigger and sees the artist, author, and many others. as being a servant in the state or, in the text of Stalin, “the engineer of human souls.”

art - a exceptional talent which you could discover by analyze and follow and observation; "the art of dialogue"; "It really is quite an artwork"

ventriloquism, ventriloquy - the artwork of projecting your voice in order that it seems to originate from An additional resource (as from a ventriloquist's dummy)

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